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Han Solo and the problem of backstory stories

Having blown off Episode VIII, I'm sure no one is surprised that I'm taking a pass on the Han Solo movie.

Setting aside the fact that Harrison Ford will forever be Han Solo, the real issue is that backstory is never as interesting as moving the plot forward.  Movies like this can only amount to a long digression before things get interesting.  You know the character survives, you know how everything ends, so why bother to learn details that have exactly nothing to do with later events?

Sometimes characters are meant to have mysterious backgrounds.  When you then go back and nail it down...well, there goes the mystery!

The proper way to this is in a book, and of course it's already been done.  Books can go into greater depth with a character and have the added advantage of allowing the reader to imagine the actor in every scene. 

Disney's effort to squeeze every dime from the franchise is slowly destroying it.  I refuse to participate in this wanton vandalism.



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