Observations on non-fiction writing
Countdown to publication: maps, editing, format and...index?!

The first draft of Long Live Death is now complete

In a surprise turn of events, I raced to the finish line on my latest book last week.  I figured it would take until July, but for once I came in well ahead of schedule.

The stats thus far are 51,000 words in six weeks.  That's a phenomenal writing pace, something like 8,500 words a week.  I don't think I went more than a handful of days without doing some kind of work on it.

Of course writing is just the first step.  Editing can be a slog, then reformatting and (in this case) building the index.  I also need some maps and charts to illustrate my points.  Still, the heaviest lifting is always the writing. 

I've also settled on a title, Long Live Death.  It's catchy and appropriate.

Going forward, I'm hoping to publish in July.   I haven't done my hard copy edit yet, but my sense from doing the spellcheck is that this has less errors because it's a less creative form of writing.  We'll see how that works out.

Oh, and happy Fathers' Day!


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