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Long Live Death is a Best Seller!

Now Available: Long Live Death

This is somewhat of a "soft launch" because the book went 'live' a week ago but I was too busy to do anything about it.

Nevertheless, Long Live Death: The Keys to Victory in the Spanish Civil War is now available exclusively on Amazon in paperback and e-book.

I'm sure you're as tired of me talking about it sight-unseen as I am writing about it.  Now here's your big chance to see what I was up to.  Let me know what you think!


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A. H.,
Just got your book off Amazon. Looks very interesting...but already spotted a typo! In the Contents section, section 12 is given as "Italy Goes Al In: The CTV" (missing an l in All).

A.H. Lloyd

They're like cockroaches.

Thanks! I'll update the manuscript.

robert morthorst

I just read your book. I love it and it has given me far more insight into the war than anything else I've read. Thank you for keeping most of the politics out as that's been covered and covered up by many.
I read Hemingway's coverage from a collection of his reporter stories and thought he showed way too much bias.
I'll be going to Amazon shortly to give it 5 stars.

A.H. Lloyd

Great! Glad you liked it!

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