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Mass unmasked!

Today marked the first time in more than a year that I was able to got to Mass without wearing a face mask.

It was nice, but also a little strange.  Michigan has been "unlocked" for less than a week, and the signs on stores are coming down, though some continue to urge masks as "a courtesy."

Picking up a pizza at my usual store Friday, I was greeted by the staff with big grins on their now-exposed faces.  I noticed the same thing picking up bagels to day.  People walk in, look at each other, and smile.

We're still not all the way there, of course.  The holy water remains restricted and we are yet denied the Precious Blood of the Eucharist.  Still, it is hard not to enjoy the sense of freedom that we have been denied for so long.

I believe that a great many of the policies enacted during the pandemic will, if an honest reckoning is ever conducted, be shown to have been self-defeating if not actually destructive.

Anyone with experience in a role-playing game knows that "percentage resistance" (say against magic or magical effects) may seem impressive at first ("I'm 90 percent immune to spells!") but when tested on a daily basis over more than a year, the protective value effectively falls to zero, and the side-effects of social isolation, restricted breathing, loss of emotional connection, etc. become more pronounced.

I leave that for the future, however.  For now I'm just glad to be able to smile at people again.


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