A little vacation from China
Yard sign Calvinism

Back to China!

I've gotten back to work on my China book, boosted by some excellent finds at Curious Books (and it's satellite site, The Archives).

I think the various loose threads were getting to me and the fact that the Sui and Tang dynasties are pretty straightforward in their rise and fall is helpful.

I'm also resolved to just plowing forward at this point and accept that there are gaps that will be filled later.  New books will pop up or I'll get a question and have to go back and find out more about it.

And yes, I've already found instances where my initial take was exactly wrong.

Looking ahead, I know the 20th Century is going to be pretty complex, so I'm doing sidebar reading on that area already. 

I'm still hoping to have most of a draft ready by spring, but things have moved so unevenly, I'm not sure if any timeline I can come up with is viable.


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