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The snakes return to Ireland

It has long been claimed that the popular saying that St. Patrick droves the snakes out of Ireland was a metaphor for the expulsion of pagan priests.

Sad to say, they're back and in considerable force.

Ireland's shift away from the Catholic faith is nothing less than stunning.  Not only has Mass attendance collapsed, the value of life itself has been eroded, and elective abortion is now legal in the Emerald Isle.

One culprit for this amazing cultural shift is the way Ireland altered its tax code to make it a favored location for financial and other service industries.  The "Celtic Tiger" got rich and with that wealth came the attitudes of the increasingly faithless (in every sense) ruling class.

These people are less interested in eternal truths than in piling up money and winning the approval of their peers.   Well, I guess they will receive their reward.




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