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June is upon us!

Okay, this post is only six days late, but I've been very busy doing Important Stuff which does not include writing.

I digress.  June marks the opening of summer in Michigan.  It's technically late spring, but everything is greened out and the oppressive humid heat has not yet set in.  School is winding down, and the weekend festivals are underway.

Are these a thing in warm-weather climates?  I honestly don't know, but in Michigan every weekend from May to September is some kind of festival.  Traverse City is famous for the Cherry Festival and Holland has the Tulip Festival.  There are art festivals in Ann Arbor and East Lansing.

Then there are the lesser festivals - the Mint Festival in St. Johns and the Potato Festival in Posen.

It sometimes seems that if you just drive the back roads in any given direction during the summer, you'll stumble into a festival for something.

Michigan winters suck.  Yeah, we have decent amounts of snow for skiing and sledding and such, and sometimes crystalline skies, but much of the time it is relentlessly overcast.

That makes summer that much more enjoyable - a 90-day party that winds down with the coming of fall, which is the crown jewel of the state.  Fall in Michigan is magnificent, but also fleeting.

Summer is about sustained fun, and it's just getting started.


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