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This year I'm thankful for the Rosary

As an (ongoing) convert to Catholicism, I'm still exploring many aspects of the faith.   Just as it took me time to understand, accept and eventually implement the full slate of beliefs, I'm still learning about all the different forms of worship.

For example, I've yet to experience a Latin Rite Mass.  I know, I know, in certain circles that's practically a mortal sin, but I'm hard-pressed just to make my weekly parish Mass.  Going farther afield will have to wait just a little longer.

Over the last couple of months events in the world really started to get to me, and so I once again began to tune out the world.  I also wondered why the forces of darkness were almost everywhere advancing from victory to victory.

As I pondered this, I noticed our bishop continuing to stress the importance of the Rosary.  I had of course said a few of these over the years, but I found them time-consuming and my attention wandered.

However, the military strategist side of me noted that multiple authorities (I'm talking saints here) have highlighted the fact that the Rosary is one of the Church's most effective spiritual weapons.  That being the case, how could I forgo using it giving the increasing operational tempo of spiritual warfare?

I think part of the issue was the environment.  I started saying the Rosary with Gregorian chant playing in the background, and I found a quiet part of the day in which to do it. 

And then I understood.  I am not yet at the point where I say one every single day, but I find that having it there, and praying it several times a week has given me an incredible sense of calmness.

This Thanksgiving Day, I look back on the last 12 months and can say without hesitation that things for our family are vastly improved.  We have so much to be thankful for.  Most people will focus on the health of loved ones, or their physical comfort and financial security, all of which are important and we should be grateful for them.  However, I'm thankful that God was there for me when all of those things were fading and some I feared might never return.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


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