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Walls of Men Publication Update

Between the holidays and other goings on, it's been a struggle for me to finish the edits and formatting of Walls of Men: A Military History of China.  I'm now well behind schedule, but am still making progress.  I'm still hoping for a pre-Christmas launch, but the overriding concern is that this be the most accurate and professional-looking book I've ever done.  The topic is complex, the names can be confusing, and at the very least I want the fewest spelling and grammar errors possible.

To that end I'm reading it aloud to my family, which is slow, but is finding all manner of small things that I need to correct. 

After that, I will format it for publishing and I anticipate that going reasonably quickly as I've done this many times.  After that, I'm not sure.  I'd like to do some fiction writing, but audiobooks are "a thing" and I may take some time to record these.

In any event, it is moving forward with as much speed as I can apply to it without compromising its quality.  I'm sick of getting people who say my book is great and but for typos they'd give it five stars.  Hopefully I'll turn on the corner here.



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