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The curse of our age - deleted work

While being able to compose on a keyboard has brought many blessings to modern writers, it carries with it a powerful curse - unexpected deletions.

I'd just finished a post on The Princess Bride when some glitch on the site wiped it out.  It wasn't long, I could make the same points again, but I'm too frustrated to bother.  I'll likely revisit it in a day or so and maybe add some other thoughts.

This cannot happen if one is using actual paper to write.  Yes, paper can burn, get soaked or be misplaced, but it doesn't vanish off the page while you are writing it.

Hopefully it was a one-time event.  I've been generally happy here at Typepad, and several times the auto-save has in fact saved me.  I suppose I shall be more cautious going forward.


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