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I guess this year's Easter ambush is "Christ is King"

Back when I paid attention to the news, it seemed that every Easter stories would appear attempting to debunk or otherwise throw shade on Christianity.  Fake Bible scholars would announce a shocking new discovery that totally destroyed Christian teachings.

I thought of these as the "Easter ambush," specifically designed to demoralize Christians.

Since I've given up on mainstream news, I'm unaware if any of that is going on, but over the past few days, social media (particularly Twitter/X) was having a time of it over the phrase "Christ is King."

I'm not sure what the backstory is (or if there really is one), but the anti-Christians immediately latched onto this phrase as proof of both racism and anti-semitism, i.e. Nazis.

How does a basic expression of Christian faith make one a Nazi?  Well, apparently people who are racist and/or anti-semites or perhaps Nazis have used this phrase.  Thus, if you use it, that can only mean you want to be associated with those people.   It is yet another "right-wing dog whistle" that only leftists can hear.

The expectation was that Christians - who above all want to be thought of as nice - would drop the expression, and the usual Quislings sprang into action.

However, we've seen this movie many times before, and complying with the latest woke demand only gets one more demands in the future.  Thus, instead of obeying, Christians happily spread the word and "Christ is King" actually trended.

Christians have at long last realized that these attempts to suppress expressions of faith or morality have nothing to do with sensitivity or politeness and everything to do with silencing God's word.  If you're someone who gets upset when you hear "Christ is King," you are the one with the problem.

This is a welcome development and further proof that "nice" Christianity is indeed dead.



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