The ruin of Pope Francis' legacy
Why aren't there many Protestant-themed horror movies?

Were St. Patrick's prayers answered?

There was some heartening news from Ireland last week.  The latest progressive reforms, which would have changed the constitution to redefine the family, failed spectacularly at the ballot box.

Perhaps the Irish are beginning to appreciate their culture again and rebelling against the soulless globalization movement.

The decline of Irish culture and religious has been shockingly fast.  The central idea of making Ireland a tax haven and global service center was always flawed because no one considered that when the world came to Ireland, it would remake the Emerald Isle in its own flat, commerce-centered image.

The corporations have colonized Ireland more quickly and more thoroughly than the English ever could.

And yet, a limit has (at least for the moment) been reached.  I think that much of the cultural destruction we've seen over the last decades has been seen as inevitable, the flip side of globalism.  However, it is now clear that decline is a choice, and one actually can "turn back the clock" by embracing tradition and choosing family-centered economic policies.

The current controversies in the Catholic Church prove this.  The remarkable thing isn't that Pope Francis has started pushing heresy and sowing division, it is the the Church is vehemently and successfully resisting.  His successor will be made of different cloth and the folly of trying to "get along" with the Spirit of the Age was demonstrated by the Anglican schism.

Here's hoping that the Irish (and the rest of Christendom) continue to resist the secular pressure to conform to what is actually demonic influence.  St. Patrick, pray for us.


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Amazingly Naomi Wolf just did a post about exactly this topic, the idea that religion and culture go hand in hand. She even brought up demonic influences being prevalent in the West, and I've seen many references to this lately. She did not even argue with me that the use of "Nefesh", the breath of life creating the spirit (from Genesis) was a nasty way to promote late term abortion and very evil. The only way to turn back from the brink is to turn back to the Ten Commandments, at very least, and to promote spiritual discipline in a hedonistic world. I can't help but think her husband, Brian O'Shea has something to do with her statements.

I had a sad discussion with someone seeking to justify selfish aims. He suggested that the Holocaust proved that God was dead, so there is no reason to restrain yourself from having whatever you want in the moment. While Hitler diligently documented his actions, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot did not, and the camera lens was not available to the muslims at Constantinople. All of these things mean people do evil by denying God, not that God is gone or that he permits slaughter.
I'd like to see more countries turn their backs on the evil that is globalism.

FWIW, as I am not posting on AoS, I'm taking to task the proponents of the White Christian Nationalism slur, because hateful slur it is, on other sites.

A.H. Lloyd

Wolf seems to have taken a whole bottle of red pills, and like Jordan Peterson, she's figuring out that you can't really have an ala carte philosophy anymore. The old liberal idea of being vaguely good, spiritual but not religious, and faultlessly tolerant is no longer operative. We have people who openly brag about banning public prayer and persecuting orthodox Catholics. "Nice" Christianity failed, as has "Nice" Judaism. All the radicals who claimed they were antisemites and were merely anti-Zionist now stand revealed as monsters who rejoice in killing Jewish children.

BTW, I think the current English obsession with banning public prayer near abortion mills is because the demons want to eat those souls in peace. This is no rational explanation for arresting people praying silently.

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