Scorpion's Pass

Let's talk about Scorpion's Pass

I recently realized that my romance novel, Scorpion's Pass, has gotten very little attention - including from me! 
I suppose because it's kind of a quirky concept.  I combined a Jane Austen-style romance with a pseudo-Victorian/steampunk desert planet traversed by massive wheeled warships.
On the one hand, it's got something for everyone, but those genres don't often mix.
So why write the thing?
The answer is simple: it was a present for my wife.  Several years ago, money was tight so I thought it would make a good Valentine's Day gift.  And so it did.
Once I discovered online publishing, it was one of my more polished manuscripts, so I published it after Battle Officer Wolf.
Other than being out of the ordinary, I'm not sure why it never caught on, but it's quite inexpensive to take a look and see for yourself.